Onida AC Service Center In Pune
Onida AC Service Center In Pune
Onida AC Service Center In Pune
Onida AC Service Center In Pune
Onida AC Service Center In Pune
Onida AC Service Center In Pune
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Onida AC Service Center In Pune

As we know those are mostly used gadgets in our daily life usage so, if any of you gadget is gets damaged especially the Air conditioners then our Onida AC Service Center in Pune is here providing you a 24/7 genuine service and our technicians are highly talented and well qualified and will able to repair your any kind of household gadgets they will identify any kind of error in your household gadgets our technicians are always here for your service within 1-hour after registering a complaint and our service will provide you a 1-month of service warranty and a 3-months of product warranty and we are only here to repair your out-of-warranty gadgets on your doorsteps.

Onida Spilt AC Service Center In Pune ​

Onida Spilt AC Service Center In Pune ​

Common issues of Air conditioners:-

Air conditioner is Not Turning ON:-

Generally, this problem is caused by a dirty condenser and fan, or a clogged condenser. A faulty motor may be causing your condenser unit to not turn on at all. A unit that is not receiving power may have a faulty motor. Plug the unit in and examine all wiring.

Air conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air:-

For some reasons like Air filter clogging, Dirty condenser coils, Broken compressor, Defective thermostat, Leaked refrigerant, Dirty evaporator coil, and Blocked condenser are the issues which lead to the defect of blowing air.

Air conditioner electric control failure:-

The fan controls and compressor of your air conditioner can wear out if you frequently turn it on and off. Electrical connections connect the condenser fan motor, compressor, and blower motor during the startup of the unit. The issue can be determined by checking the electrical connections.

Air conditioner Freezing up outside the unit:-

As well as kinking and clogs in lines, fans, filters, and leaks can happen. When the refrigerant expansion is too great, it becomes too cold, due to a drop in pressure. It has also been known to cause freezing up when the refrigerant level is too low.

Air Conditioner Making Noises:-

An air conditioner that makes a shrieking noise may have a problem with the fan motor. The system’s compressor may also be broken causing this type of sound to be heard. The motor of your blower fan inside your home may also be causing screeching or squealing sounds.

Onida Window AC Service Center In Pune ​

Onida Window AC Service Center In Pune ​

Types of Air conditioners:-

Window Air conditioner:-

Window Air conditioners are easy to use and easy to place because they are designed to fit in windows so that they can be easily located in windows; we can also easily fix them, so most people use those Window Air conditioners, which are typically found in offices, hotels, farmhouses, etc. These air conditioners will be used in those places.

Portable Air conditioner:-

Most portable AC units are available as portable units. Portable air conditioners fit the bill if you require cooling, not only quickly, but also cheaply, without much worry.

Split Air conditioner:-

In most households, Split Air conditioners are mostly used because they can be installed anywhere on the wall and look stylish when hung on the wall and split air conditioners have two separate components, an outdoor compressor, and an indoor air handler, the outdoor condenser removes hot air from the room and the indoor air handler regulates the temperature inside the room.

Duct Air conditioner:-

Air conditioners are often installed in the ductwork of large buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and so on. Their use is restricted to a specific location.

Floor mounted Air conditioner:-

A floor-mounted air conditioner is convenient if you prefer a mini-split but lack the space for a wall-mounted unit. Floor-mounted air conditioning consists of an indoor unit mounted on the ground and an outer unit that can be installed without a lot of site preparation. In addition to tilted walls, this arrangement is ideal for buildings composed of fragile materials like glass, or attics.

Central Air conditioner:-

The central air conditioning is used in some big houses as well as in some buses and automobiles. These are the kind of gadgets which are preferred in the house, office, bus, train, hotel, restaurant, and theatres. Central air conditioners are used in large buildings because these units are used to cool the temperature of large areas, and therefore are the Air conditioners that are most commonly used in these buildings.

Hybride Air conditioner:-

An electric air-source heat pump and a gas furnace are used in a hybrid system to deliver an efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling performance. A switch automatically switches the combustion of fossil fuels and electricity in response to outside temperatures. It’s either programmed to switch over from heat pump to furnace at a predetermined temperature, or it can be manually switched.

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Onida AC Service Center In Pune 

Address: D/10, Kasturba D, Kasturba Housing Society, Vishrantwadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

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Working hours: 8 AM – 10 PM 

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